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Building upon many years of experience, Meadowhawk Biolabs’ team provides fit-for-purpose non-regulated bioanalytical assays for small molecules (PK and biomarker) that meet and exceed client turn around times and study objectives across the drug discovery to development continuum. To deliver the highest quality study data, each discovery assay by design includes a suite of data quality indicators to identify potential study data liabilities, including analyte stability and matrix effects, in addition to actual study sample indicators of data reliability: extract, sample and diluted sample analytical precision. The inclusion of multiple fail-safes minimizing the need for sample re-extractions and reanalysis, combined with alternative means to assay above the limit of quantification samples, support the fastest possible turnaround times for study data. We strive in each day, study and all that we do, to provide our clients the best possible customer service and experience, seeking to partner with them to develop a mutually beneficial long-term relationship founded upon earned trust. Trust is earned by timely, consistent, and transparent communication, flexibility, responsiveness and ultimately delivery of high quality study data over time. We operate and manage our business to achieve this by employing the “Principal Investigator” (PI) model. In the PI model, each client is assigned a dedicated project team lead by a Principal Scientist and their associated scientific colleagues. In this decentralized model, the team is responsible for all aspects of their assigned studies. We strongly believe that managing and operating in this manner benefits our clients by providing direct and effective communication with the scientific and operational lead for all of their studies as well as by creating ownership and empowerment among the dedicated technical team. Meadowhawk’s facilities feature state-of-the-art research platforms, including SCIEX 7500 mass spectrometers paired with Shimadzu Nexera 40 uPLC systems, to maximize capabilities and flexibility. For clients located near our facilities, we offer free, same day courier service to simplify logistics and minimize time.


Meadowhawk’s in vivo Pharmacokinetic (PK) services are delivered by a team of scientists with decades of experience, utilizing a purpose-built animal vivarium and processes combined with software applications to enable efficient study execution, real-time data capture and reporting. Our teams have the technical skills and flexibility to meet and exceed the drug administration and sample collection requirements of standard and non-standard small and large molecule study designs, including micro sampling and a multitude of biospecimen collections. To enable rapid study initiations (2-4 days), we maintain colonies of standard mouse and rat strains at our facilities. We are operated and managed to provide our clients the best possible data quality and customer service, striving in everything we do to develop mutually beneficial long-term relationships build upon earned trust. Each client is assigned a dedicated Study Director whom in turn works with a small dedicated technical team for the management and conduct of all phases of their client’s studies over time. We strongly believe that operating in this manner benefits our clients by providing direct and effective communication with the scientific and operational lead for all of their studies as well as the empowerment and ownership among the dedicated technical teams performing the studies. We provide free, same day bi-directional local courier pick-up and delivery of study materials and biospecimens as well as on-site bioanalyses, saving time and simplifying logistics.


To compliment our small molecule bioanalytical LC-MS services, we are actively planning and building large molecule bioanalytical services employing multiple instrument platforms and approaches (ELISA, MSD, Luminex, LC-MS). Our operating and management philosophies for these services will be fully aligned with that of our others services, with fit-for-purpose assay designs incorporating embedded data quality indicators and fail safes to provide high quality data and to satisfy and exceed scientific objectives while minimizing time and cost at points along the drug discovery continuum. Similarly, the entirety of each client’s work will be performed by a dedicated Principal Investigator led team, streamlining communication and maximizing speed, responsiveness and flexibility with the goals of providing exceptional client service and the creation of mutually beneficial long-term relationships.


To broaden our services and to increase our clients’ speed and ease of working with us, we plan to provide oncology pharmacology services at a future date. As with our other services, the operating and management philosophies for these services will be fully aligned with our other services.